• Keith Shaw

PepsiCo CEO's Lesson for Us. Are we listening?

Just this past week the CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi stepped down and while doing so imparted a lesson as important as the one she championed during her tenure (that being a rare minority and female CEO). See LinkedIn and the link below for the report on her regrets with how she managed her time, specifically with her family.

Most of us are doing our best. I hope today, especially for my American brothers and sisters that you are celebrating thankfulness with your loved ones, privately or publically, together or from afar. We are all working hard. Without clarity on what’s really important in life, and a mechanism to stay focused on those priorities, we can find ourselves off track.

I commend Indra for her vulnerability in sharing the cost that a devotion to corporate duty can cause. While doing so, I also suggest that we are the “masters of our fate” (Henley) and our failure to address priorities is one for which we must own the responsibility.

If you’ve read this far…stop, take a breath and think through the roles in your own life. Is the career costing you the thing you are actually working so hard for? Is the family an excuse for not chasing your own dream?

Without a structure, devoted energy, and discipline, High Performance is almost impossible and we are in danger of retreating into those roles (work, family duty etc.) that are most comfortable. I suggest there is a way to have it all, it takes work to determine clarity of purpose and then a plan to execute against those competing priorities.

Achieving High Performance is hard but worth the effort. Indra was the longstanding CEO of a multi-billion dollar American icon and she did not have the balance she wanted. I suggest with support we can all ensure we are performing at our highest level and achieve our dreams, not only in our careers but in our most important life roles as well.

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