• Keith Shaw

In the End

What will your obituary say? Below is the link to an obituary that is critical of the person passing. Occasionally this type of story can be humorous at first, but with reflection the sadness and loss of a wasted life comes through and can inform us of our own worldly record.

I hope the obituary below is nothing like the one you are writing for yourself but another question quickly follows:

What obituary are you writing for yourself?

Likely your obituary will show you as a positive and kind person, but is it possible that your surviving family will not pen an obituary that highlights your accomplishments because you didn’t do them? Are there hopes and dreams you have today that you want to accomplish and look back at in your last days with reverence? If there are, and I argue if not, we need to pick some based on the arenas of our life, are you taking action to make them happen? Additionally, will you be able to accomplish goals in one area of life (e.g. career) while remaining engaged in your other roles (e.g. father, health, spirit)?

Life happens fast, many people have exclaimed; where do the years go!? If we are not living with curiosity, reflection/prospection and a bias for action, we risk losing the opportunity to make our greatest difference in this life.

With planning and thoughtful attention to how we spend our mental energy and time, we can ensure we create the life we long to live, full of the love, contribution and passion we desire and deserve.

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