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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Of course, our new year starts in January, but for me, and some others (see links below for support I am not completely out to lunch) September, specifically the days after Labour Day, are not a time to lament the summer, but time to recapture our productivity and passion for the mission and our many roles in life (family, health etc.)

I am a learner, and going to school was my thing. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, I enjoyed the changing of the air and the feeling that things were about to get serious. My focus now is not defined by a curriculum and syllabus but by my own program. As we head into the autumn I share with you a few things I am working on with more focus in the hopes you can use this short read as a jump off point for reflection on your next step or as an opportunity to share (please comment) how you build energy in September.

Learning-I’m enrolled in personal and professional development courses this fall. Online is great but I enjoy meeting people in real life who can help me see different points of view. I hope to be able to continue to guide others with their journeys of growth with a larger toolbox and set of skills. 

Physical Health-In British Columbia, wildfire smoke and heat have been my excuse to reduce my running and strenuous outdoor activity. The cooler air and quiet trail are my cue to get back out and move my body. I, like many, need to motivate myself to exercise and the physical benefits are only part of it. My mental focus and ability to prospect and plan my future are greatly supported by running.

Family-This fall my son has several after school activities and that means the inevitable juggle and coordination of schedules with my wife and others. Rather than stress about the added complexity, I am mindful of the joy the activity brings my son and the time I am able to spend with him in the car or observing. I also have the ability to recognize and be thankful for the family support we enjoy and what makes our lives rich and fulfilling. Here, the creation of routines to reduce decision fatigue and role ambiguity are important.

For many, September brings a feeling of deflation as summer comes to a close. If you made it this far, take the next step and set aside some time to reflect and decide (SMART goals remember!) how you will thrive in September and be a positive source of energy for those around you while you gain progress towards your goals.

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