• Keith Shaw

And today I will stop and remember people I never knew...

Tuesday September 11th 2001. I pause on this day and mourn the loss. I remember where I was, it’s crystallized in my mind as it is in yours. A collective PTSD for what happened and the roll on of action that cost so many their lives in the years afterward.

I mourn for the boys (and girls) that joined the military and went off to far off places to ‘fight for freedom’. I mourn for Pat Tillman and those he represents; those who were so moved by that Tuesday they gave up what they knew and loved and did the only thing they could think of to make a difference. I am still angry. Angry at the machine that started the ball rolling and put these innocents in harm's way. For the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, killed by the thousands. And I think of the families in New York and worldwide that are hurting today.

And I think of you. My friends, my pharmacy classmates that slowly took in the news, the Canadians that couldn’t get to class for weeks, the fighter jet contrails that drew circles in the sky in the days after, the migraines, the stays on classmates couches, hotels, stolen cars and stress. How will I make it through missing so much? To have to think about moving to Detroit to be able to get to school…

...the inconvenience of the whole thing. So much loss and I’m bitching about how long the line to the tunnel is.

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